Adam Daubney PhD FSA

I have worked with archaeological small finds in a professional capacity since 2001 when I took up the post of Assistant Keeper of Archaeology at the City and County Museum, Lincoln. In 2003 I started work as the Lincolnshire Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme during which time I gained extensive experience of British archaeological small finds, legislation, policy, and community archaeology. I have an undergraduate degree in archaeology from the University of Sheffield, an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester, and a PhD in archaeology from the University of Leicester.

I have published widely on small finds and policy with articles in major journals such as the Antiquaries Journal, the Archaeological Journal, the British Numismatic Journal, and the International Journal of Heritage Studies. I am the author of two books - 50 finds from Lincolnshire (a popularist book on small finds), and Portable Antiquities, Palimpsests, and Persistent Places (based on my PhD research). I have taught archaeological material culture to a wide range of groups from volunteers to professionals, and have lectured at many conferences on small finds, especially at the British Museum.

My research interests focus on three key areas: material culture, the relationship between policy and practice in the heritage management of portable antiquities, and the ethics in the discovery and trade of grave goods.